Michael Ariel

Interview with a founder and curator behind Those Who Make and maker behind Proudly Say.

Interviewed by Lukas Kyzur

You’ve been curating Those who make channel for over three years now. Is there any growing trend how are the craftspeople and filmmakers bringing their work to the broader audience?

I started Those Who Make because I noticed that there were these really great short form documentaries that featured makers making their products, doing their craft, in their workspaces, showing the process and explaining why they were doing this. At first it took a bit of searching to find videos that I felt were done really well by talented filmmakers who clearly were very serious about putting out a professionally finished product. I would definitely say there’s been a trend with featuring local craftspeople, as videos that meet this level of professionalism are now a lot easier to find as more and more craftspeople are having videos about themselves made.

In addition, a lot of corporate companies have been using these short form documentaries featuring local craftspeople as a form of advertising for their own products, which is another trend in itself.

Many of the featured videos are highly inspirational and motivating. Is there any video in your collection you like in particular or the video that really stands out?

I wouldn’t say stands out, as I think all of the videos I showcase are really amazing at featuring the makers in them. However, one of the first videos I discovered remains one of my personal favorites

Do you know or did you have a chance to meet or know some of people behind the videos?

Definitely! I love the maker community and have immersed myself into it whole heartedly, so I’ve had the chance to meet many makers featured in the videos I showcase.

I know you also belong to Those who make. Could you tell us more about your other project Proudly Say and how did it get started?

In addition to geeking out about craftspeople, I also like to get my hands dirty and make things. Proudly Say is my opportunity to own and run my own small business. As a one-man shop, my responsibilities are vast and varied from designing to sourcing, production to selling, marketing to customer support, and bookkeeping to everything else involved with running and maintaing a small business.

It’s an experience that really makes me value craft focused businesses all the more and proud to feature as many of these individuals as I can to an audience.

How tumblr and vimeo channel’s worked for you in terms of business opportunities and collaborations?

I’ve had a few companies reach out to me about doing guest posts for them on their sites. I’ve also had a few e-commerce companies focussed on craftspeople reach out about potentially collaborating. So far, everything is still in the works and open-ended.

Is it still a hobby or it is a business now?

It’s a hobby by a landslide. I’d love to turn this into a business at some point!

What are your plans with Those who make in near future?

At the moment, the plan is to keep it going and continue sharing amazing craftspeople and filmmakers!

Thank you!

About Curator

Michael Ariel is a founder and curator behind Those Who Make, a carefully curated collection of videos + photos + interviews and maker behind Proudly Say, one person company making quality handmade goods, from start to finish, out of (simply) good materials.

Photograph is copyrighted to Serene Lusano